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Jump into Therapy

Making the decision to enter therapy is a great step to changing your outcomes. Sending that inquiry or making that call is the first step towards this change. It isn't always the easiest thing to do. Many question things such as

What if I don't like it?

Can it really help?

Does this mean there is something wrong with me?

What will others think?

People enter therapy for all sort of reasons. From working through trauma, to managing anxiety or gaining skills to help ADHD, every person's story is unique to them. By stepping into the world of therapy, you are allowing yourself to grow and change. You are gaining skills to make daily living easier. You are setting yourself up for success.

Think of other practitioners people seek help from. Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, etc. We do not always go to these professionals because something is "wrong with us." In fact we seek out help for preventative measures. We go to yearly check ups to make sure we are staying healthy. We attend dental appointments to keep our pearly whites. We ask help from teachers to stay up on homework or to continue doing well in class. While these individuals are here to help when there is trouble, that is not their only role.

Therapy can and should fall into this category. Attending therapy can be about keeping up your mental well-being, to gain effective communication tools to help in relationships. to practice strategies to manage emotions. It can also be there as a support for life transitions such as moving, changing schools or grades, transitioning to something new, processing a breakup or divorce, or gaining support in treating mental health challenges.

The tools gained in therapy can be life altering and life long. Therapy doesn't have to be something attended forever, it can be for a season. However long your own journey is, it will be worth it!

So take the leap! What's stopping you??

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